Wireless stereo headset best sports headset in india | Akasaki

Wireless stereo headset

Wireless stereo headset best sports headset in india | Akasaki


• Announces incoming caller’s name (PBAP) and lets you say ”Answer” to accept the call or ”Ignore” to decline.
• Separate power, mute, and volume buttons provide easy access and control.
• Magnetic, snap-fit connection makes charging quick and easy.
• Product Type: In-ear
• Wired/ Wireless: Wireless
• Talk/standby time: As mentioned earlier, Battery backup is exceptional which will last up to 6-8 hours
• Weight: This Bluetooth headset is as light as 18 grams
• Battery type: This Bluetooth headset is a rechargeable, non-replaceable lithium-ion polymer. One of the best compared to other premium brands.
• Bluetooth version: This Bluetooth headset boosted with Bluetooth v4.1



Product Description of Ak-2 Wireless stereo headset best sports headset in india

• This Wireless stereo headset is smart indeed, with smart sensor technology that directs calls to your phone or headset, definitely, this device would surely pause music for the incoming calls and allows you to automatically answer all the calls simply by placing the device near to your ear. Always keep in mind to buy a Bluetooth device with smart sensor option, it is the most convenient device for daily use, you can comfortably use it while riding your bike or drive your car. It is sleek, stylish and sporty. Built quality is awesome with the latest technology under the hood. The design team hasn’t compromised on quality and aesthetics. The device is premium not only on looks but also in use.

•Wireless stereo headset Simple one-button sporty and functional design, easy to use and fast pairing with your Bluetooth devices.
• The battery is the most essential part of any wireless communication; this Bluetooth device has rank up the scores against major wireless Bluetooth devices to give only the best sound output that can be produced and keeping its battery life to the maximum.
• Wireless stereo headset 6-8, hours with one single charge in a day, tested thoroughly with all the mobile and portable devices, the battery back is just exceptional. Turn on your phone, hit the menu button, turn on Bluetooth, scan for this device after keeping the Bluetooth device on, finally pair the device once and forget charging again for a day or two.
• It also comes with a rechargeable pocket-sized case, protects the headset on the go. Your device will look shiny even after using them for months together.

• 100% Durable and Reliable compared with the major brands available. The packaging of the product is brilliant and meets all standards.

• 100% certified product with high performance delivered. Most Bluetooth headsets have a range of 10 meters, approximately (30 feet); this device is no exception to it. It emits far less radiation as compared to other devices keeping your environment radiation free. This is Bluetooth V4.1 compatible with all Bluetooth-enabled devices, effective connections in 10 meters distance.


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